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Address:Youyi South Road, Xicheng District, Xingping, Shaanxi

Industrial branch

Shaanxi walt fiberglass materials group co., LTD. Industrial branch was established in March 2010 announced in March 2011, complete industry and commerce registration registration, the company for the entity. The company existing staff 159 people, under the integrated management, community service, security department, business department altogether four departments, the neighborhood committees, the kindergarten two directly under the unit. The company mainly undertake group company non-productive business assets management, operation and property management, greening, security and logistics work.
The items include: pipeline cloth, wooden tray, paper pipe and all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic trash can, glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, etc.; Bear group company glass fiber offal processing and sales.
TEL: 029-38362269    029-38362239     13572792772