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Address:Youyi South Road, Xicheng District, Xingping, Shaanxi

Worker’s Hospital

Shaanxi HuaTek Group Company Worker’s Hospital is a comprehensive non-profit medical institution integrating medical treatment, prevention and health care, a designated hospital of basic medical insurance, urban resident medical insurance and rural cooperative medical service in Xingping and a community health station. The hospital wins praise of the society owing to the complete divisions, advanced equipment, comprehensive diagnostic and treatment capability, beautiful and comfortable environment, excellent medical ethics and practices and superb diagnosis and treatment skills.
        The hospital covers an area of 3,570 square meters including construction area of 2,560 square meters. There are quiet, comfortable, clean and beautiful outpatient buildings and inpatient buildings with reasonable layout, 80 ward beds, and more than 60 employees including over 30 people with intermediate and senior professional titles. The reasonable divisions including the pediatric internal medicine department I, the pediatric internal medicine department II, surgical department, the department of otolaryngology, the department of gynaecology, the department of epidemic prevention, the department of TCM acupuncture and moxibustion, the department of lithotripsy, the department of rehabilitation therapy, the pharmacy department, the laboratory department, the department of medical insurance, the department of cooperative medical care, the nursing department, etc. are set up. Moreover, the hospital affairs management team, the hospital infection control team and the emergency treatment team have been established. The hospital owns complete advanced medical equipment including digital X-ray machine (DR), cardiogram monitor, 24h dynamic electrocardiogram instrument, 24h ambulatory blood pressure meter, color B-mode ultrasonic workstation, full automatic globulimeter, full automatic biochemical analyzer, hemorheology instrument, transcranial doppler instrument, infrared breast scanner, BPM infrared light therapeutic apparatus, intermediate frequency therapeutic apparatus, etc., meeting the needs of diagnosis and treatment of the department of internal medicine, the surgical department, the department of gynecology, the department of pediatrics and the department of otolaryngology. The sickrooms of the inpatient department are equipped with the sickbed call system, air-conditioner, color television and central heating. The comfortable, clean and elegant environment is provided for patients.
        The department of clinical internal medicine owns rich experience in treatment of cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, digestive system disease and endocrine disease. The surgical department is good at treatment of common trauma, reduction and fixation of fracture, hemorrhoids and fistula, hernia and prostatic disease. The department of gynecology owns mature and reliable therapeutic methods of gynecologic diseases. The department of internal medicine owns rich experience in treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebral infarction, chronic trachitis, pulmonary heart disease, acute and chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer. Therefore, the hospital wins praise of patients and family members. There are 35,000 person-times of out-patients, 2,500 person-times of in-patients, 1,000 person-times of prophylactic immunization and more than 1,700 person-times of physical examination every year, winning unanimous praise of people.
        The hospital has adhered to the philosophy of “Survival by Quality, Development by Innovation, Guarantee by Safety, Service Supreme”, advocated the spirit of “Dedication, Love, Contribution, Cooperation”, developed the style of “Diligence, Preciseness. Benevolence, Modesty”, established the slogan of “Quality First, Credit First, Patient First”, and pursued “Contribution, Benevolence” since establishment more than 40 years ago. In recent years, the hospital carries out the concept of “Patient-centered”, receives patients politely, provides patients with civilized and enthusiastic service, enhances management, carries out scientific management, works hard, makes active progress, promotes the level of medical technology, improves the system, strengthens medical ethics and practices, provides patients with excellent service and reasonable charges and wins trust and praise of patients.
        The hospital owns progressive spirit, first-rate service and first-rate technology. By virtue of the beautiful and comfortable environment, excellent service, low charges, superb medical skills and noble medical ethics, welcome you for consultation and treatment and wish patients get well soon.
        Consultation Tel:029---38362294    029---38362293
        President: 86-013992063889        Vice President: 86-013092960399
                                                                         Shaanxi HuaTek Group Company Worker’s Hospital
                                                                                                                            August 2012