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Address:Youyi South Road, Xicheng District, Xingping, Shaanxi

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Respected leaders at all levels, people from all walks of life, users at home and abroad friends: Everybody is good! On this walter group company website brand-new edition correction, the I, on behalf of the group company leadership and staff, for many years to care about and support the development of enterprise reform leaders at all levels and all circles of the society said the lofty respect! To the old and new user long-term appreciation and patronage express our heartfelt thanks!
Review walter group company nearly fifty years of development history, eventful years, special value. Since 1966 the whole from tianjin move to XingPing this hot that day, walt and it be pioneer spirit and blood, the tree ambition and lofty aspiration, overcome difficulties, create conditions, develop their intelligence, dedicated youth and passion, built every fiberglass products production line, change to jasper into filaments, woven bright like a rainbow, the product gradually toward the seriation, diversification direction, of shaanxi province famous brand product, shaanxi province famous trademark. In the marketing antenna reach all parts of the country and even the world eight square at the same time, walt group developed their own professional and technical management team, accumulated a wealth of the production and business operation management experience, to regional economic and social development made due contributions, won the "national the contract, and trustworthy enterprise", "shaanxi advanced collective", "shaanxi province high and new technology enterprise", "shaanxi four good leadership", "shaanxi credit enterprise", "China's building materials enterprise 500 strong," the honorary title, get the governments at all levels and all circles of the society and for sure.
We firmly believe that only the past, carry forward our cause into the future, adhere to the development is the hard truth, to promote enterprise to go ahead. In the experience of the international financial crisis after baptism, walter group catch adjustment, practice skills, steady growth, for the further development of enterprises laid a foundation for the staying power savings. At present our company has joined the shaanxi state-owned economy qingtian giant column, prolong oil group corp, has been clear about the "create the world's largest production base of high performance glass fiber products" of the enterprise location, and actively planning and stronger do dahua special group's new projects, and strive to use 3-5 years time to achieve enterprise great-leap-forward development, to extend the oil group fiberglass business of the rapid growth of the plate to make its own contribution.
We know, the enterprise's development is inseparable from the support of the government departments at all levels, from people from all walks of life's devotion to concern, more from and our hearts to hand the masses of users friends continued close cooperation. In the coming days, we will, as always, adhere to the scientific development, adhere to the technological innovation, the production of more and better meet the glass fiber market and users need to high quality products, sincere service to the customers, warm contributing to society, do not live up to the expectations of the society from all walks of life, and the masses of customers hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win!
Finally, I wish the from all walks of life friend a happy work, GuiTi peace and good health, everything true!!!
The chairman and secretary of the party committee: Korea rainbow