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Address:Youyi South Road, Xicheng District, Xingping, Shaanxi

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    Company Profile: Shaanxi HuaTek Fiberglass Material Group Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Shaanxi Fiberglass Factory. It was removed from Tianjin to Xingping, Shaanxi in 1966. It is the domestic largest manufacturer of special fiberglass and the only large and medium-sized manufacturer of fiberglass in Northwest China. Our company is affiliated to Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. Shaanxi HuaTek Fiberglass Material Group Co., Ltd. becomes an important subsidiary of Shaanxi State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.
HuaTek Group owns 2,786 employees and covers an area of 277,000 square meters and a construction area of 129,000 square meters. Our company is equipped with professional production lines of high silica, non-alkali, alkali-resisting and wet process mat, precious metal (platinum, rhodium, iridium) processing, surface coating and FRP composite materials, and annually yields 7,000 tons of fiberglass yarn, 25 million square meters of fiberglass fabric, 35 million square meters of wet process mat and 2,000 tons of FRP. Our products are widely applied to various fields including electronic information, aerospace, new wall, environmental protection, energy conservation, electric insulation, sports equipment, etc. and are indispensable structural material and functional material for development of high-tech industries.
Main Products:
High Silica Fiberglass:It is the domestic only manufacturer with scale production and owns production lines of raw material manufacture, fiber molding, textile and fiber molding. Our products are applied to many main aerospace projects including manned spacecraft Shenzhou, etc. and make an outstanding contribution to the development of national defense industry.
Multiaxial Fabric: The multiaxial fabric is a kind of non-curling multiaxial reinforced material with multi-layer structure. The number of layers, axial direction, gram weight and the specific fiber weight every layer differ according to different functions. The layers are sewed with polyester yarn. It can be made by the different combination in many directions (0°, 90°, +45°, -45°) and sewing of non-woven materials including chopped fiber, mat, etc. The products are applied to various fields including wind power, ocean, shipbuilding industry, relaxation/recreational products, automobile industry, aircraft industry, national defense, etc.
Alkali-resisting Products: It is the domestic manufacturer of alkali-resisting fiberglass at the earliest and owns production lines of alkali-resisting materials, fiber molding, textile and coating. The alkali resistance meets the requirements of PCI and GRC. The products include continuous roving, chopped yarn, PVC-coated gridding cloth, alkali-resisting fiberglass belt, etc. and are applied to various mechanical or manual assembly including spraying, premixing, layering, painting, etc.

Various Fiberglass Non-woven Products
(1) Fiberglass Wet Process Mat: The fiberglass wet process mat is produced by using the production lines, process and formula introduced from Germany. There are dozens of specifications including mat for PCB base material, roof mat, surface mat, batter separator fiberglass mat, pipe wrap fiberglass mat, covering mat, etc.
(2) High Silica Punched Felt: The products with various thicknesses can be made. More than 80% of products are exported.
(3) Fiberglass Stitch-bonded Mat: MALIMO stitch-bonded mat production line with an annual production capacity of 400 tons is introduced.
Various Fiberglass Industrial Fabrics
  The fiberglass industrial fabrics with dozens of specifications and varieties and indicated weight of 28g-1800g/m2 are applied to many fields including architectural decoration, electric insulation, heat insulation, etc.

FRP Composite Materials
  It is applied to processing of antenna housing, auto mask, safety device of expressway companies and special-shaped FRP composite materials.
  Our company enjoys a high reputation in the industry and wins the provincial, ministerial and national prizes and commendation. Our company has won countless honors such as “National Advanced Group of Building Material System”, “Shaanxi Advanced Group”, “Shaanxi Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization”, “Shaanxi Four-merit Leading Group of State-owned Enterprise”, “Shaanxi Demonstration Unit in Enterprise Management”, “National Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise”, “Shaanxi High-tech Enterprise”, etc. Our trademark and products have been awarded Shaanxi Famous Trademark and Shaanxi Famous-brand Product. In February 2008, our company was named as “China’s Production Base of Special Fiberglass” by China Fiberglass Industry Association.